Planning your Wedding Album

We are officially here - planning your wedding, event or family album!
It is an honor to make these albums for all of my clients, and we will work together to make sure that it is truly special, and a family Heirloom. Please fill out the form below and feel free to schedule a call to discuss your options. Also, be sure to check out my Presentation Samples!

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Skip if you chose photo on cover. Do you prefer a Serif or Sans Serif font? A Serif is like the font I use on my logo (classic). A Sans Serif is like you see here (simple). My recommendation is always a Serif.
Text on cover option B:
Skip if you chose photo on cover. Please chose one if you chose text on cover. If you choose text on spine, it must be one line (names or date).
Please specify if you'd like your box to match your album, and if not, please note book cloth for both. Suggestions: I do not recommend the black silk or linen - shows dust very easily. Also, I do believe the Brocade silks appear too busy, unless we are considering for a small size parents/family book. If you are ordering a Custom Album: we will collaborate directly - there are over 100 options to choose from!

Fine Art Album | Silk Book Cloths

Dana's favorite book cloth's for wedding and event albums.


Fine Art Album | Linen Book Cloths

Dana's recommendation for casual weddings and events, and family stories.


Please inquire about leather and non-leather book cover options.