Frequently asked questions regarding photo galleries & next steps.

Before proceeding, I do suggest working from a desktop or laptop computer. The larger your monitor, the easier it is to navigate. Your phone or tablet is fine for casual use but not recommended for your first view or for making selections.


How long will my personal web page be available?

Your web page on danasiles.com and the SELECTS gallery are permanent, and you may feel free to share the link of this page or of individual photos within the gallery at your leisure. If I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with you more in the future, then photos from later sessions will be included on the same web page. I look forward to building your gallery over time!

What are the differences between the ALL PHOTOS gallery and the DANA'S SELECTS gallery?

All Photos Gallery: password protected upon request; images are lightly edited "proofs" and are not final quality (to be thought of as a "starting point," not a finished piece); not for social-sharing; expires one year from publication; best for making Favorites Lists & Ordering photos. Dana's Selects Gallery: no password is needed (public gallery); images are mostly edited and close to final quality; social-share enabled; permanent gallery. Feel free to Share individual photos or the entire gallery on your Facebook page.

How do you define your SELECTS?

In order to help guide you in your photo-decisions, I have selected what I believe are the best one or more images from certain "groupings" and/or "scenarios" from your Portrait Session, Wedding or Event.  I'm basing my decision around any number of the following qualities: technicality, composition, feel/vibe/energy, emotional value, facial expressions, variety, etc. That said, you may prefer a different version than the one I chose of a particular photo, and that is totally ok! But at least you have something to compare to, which I hope you will find helpful. As mentioned above in "The differences between All and Selects," I have taken the time to carefully edit the Select photos so that they are fit for online presentation and printing, and the same efforts will be made for any photos that are ordered for prints, albums or images for social media, down the road. One last thing: you may notice that there are 2-3 very subtle variations of the same subject: look closely - perhaps one is b/w and one is color, or I’ve focused on the background subject in one but the foreground subject in the other; or maybe there is slightly different hand placement or facial expressions between these photos. When I am presenting the same subject matter in more than one version, there are always differences between them: some obvious, some very subtle but potentially important when presented on a large scale.

How do you choose the prints included in my Coverage/Collection? 

As mentioned above in how I define my Selects, I proceed to narrow down my choices to what I believe is "print-worthy" based on three factors: what I believe are the best quality; what I believe you will most value; and sprinkled with just a few detail and scenic photos to tell the story. Although this stage of production is determined entirely by myself, any future prints and albums are collaborative projects.

When will I receive my USB, and what will be included?

Your USB will be shipped 1-3 weeks after your web page is up (2-6 weeks from the date of your wedding, event or session). Your USB folders and files correspond with your ALL and SELECTS galleries and are presented identically (Preview Watermark on proofs, small watermark on Selects). If your Wedding or Event Collection includes high resolution files, these will also be included on the same USB. If your Collection includes the box of prints, this too will be included in the package.

Can I order photos as color or as black & white?

All photographs are available in color and in black & white and are generally recommended as shown.

Can photos be cropped, retouched, printed lighter or darker, etc.?

Photos ordered for albums and prints will be further edited (color and density corrected) for maximum quality. Burning, dodging, retouching, cropping, etc. may be applied later as well for ordered photos. Note: retouching fees may be applied depending on the level needed. Final edits are often based on how we are using the photos, the size they will be presented and the paper surface we are using. For special requests (cropping and retouching), make a Favorites List, add the select photo to your Favorite List and create a note on the photo. Then email me to let me know to check your Favorites List for review.

How do I make a Favorites List?

  1. Desktop: Click the heart on the right side (in-between cart and Help).
    Mobile/Tablet: Click the menu lines to the right and then click the heart (Favorites)

  2. Enter Email and click Let's Go!

  3. Click + Create a new favorites list

  4. Fill in title & description, click Create. I suggest making separate lists for albums, prints and framed pieces and photos for you, for gifts, etc.

How do I add photos to my Favorites List(s)?

  1. Desktop/collage view: Roll your mouse over photo. Click heart in top right corner.
    Desktop/single photo view: Click the heart above the photo.
    Mobile/Tablet: Click on photo. Click heart at bottom right of photo.

  2. Click the list you'd like to add photo to, or create a new list.

  3. Click the Add Note icon for special instructions or questions. Email me with the photo number (2-4 digits) letting me know to view your note.

You may move photos between lists and make notes within each list regarding special requests, sizes, quantities, etc.

How do I go about selecting photos for my album, print orders, framing or for gifts?

Glad you asked! Visit my NEXT STEPS page for details.

Do you require a minimum to place an order?

No minimum required. 

How long are rates guaranteed?

Rates and turn-around times are guaranteed for up to six months from the date of your wedding/event/session, so it is best to secure album and print orders by this time.

Do I have to order prints now?

You may order photos at any time in the future. That said, it is easiest to do while your ALL PHOTOS gallery is up, so it is suggested to place orders within that year. If this is not possible, an order form is included on your USB for your convenience.

Can we order digital files without your watermark?

High resolution (print-ready) files are not available for purchase, specifically so that I may maintain quality control over my photographs when printed.

Can we order low resolution digital files for Social Media?

Low Resolution (web-ready) files are available for purchase, and the image does include a small Watermark in bottom corner, which won't interfere with the photo. That said, the SELECTS gallery already has several photos available for Social-Sharing (and you can share the entire album or just individual photos), which may be exactly what you're looking for - so be sure to check the Selects Gallery prior to ordering any digital files!

What services and products do you offer?

Wedding photography coverage; Coverage for events such as bar & bat mitzvah's, birthday & graduation parties, engagement & anniversary celebrations, Quinceañeras, Baptisms, etc.; Portraiture of individuals, couples, families & children; Hand-bound albums, accordions & brag books; Fine Art prints on Rag paper & alternative surfaces; Wall Display Design; Custom matting & framing; Client web pages and galleries; Assignment and Stock photography; Custom Greeting Cards; Photo Restoration; Teaching & Mentoring.

More info will be provided with your USB

Click here for further instructions & tips for creating Print, Card & Album Orders