Here are some frequently asked questions for wedding, event and portrait photography. Visit the blog for more helpful information about photography and planning. I always recommend starting off with a call to see if we are a good fit. 


How do you pin a boutonnière?

I can't explain how, but trust me, I'm good!

What services and products do you offer?

Wedding photography coverage; Coverage for events such as bar & bat mitzvah's, birthday & graduation parties, engagement & anniversary celebrations, Quinceañeras, Baptisms, etc.; Portraiture of individuals, couples, families & children; Hand-bound albums, accordions & brag books; Fine Art prints on Rag paper & alternative surfaces; Wall Display Design; Custom matting & framing; Password-protected wedding pages and galleries; Assignment and Stock photography; Custom Greeting Cards; Photo Restoration; Teaching & Mentoring.

How long have you been in business & how many weddings, events and portraits have you photographed?

I have solo-photographed over 400 weddings, large and small events and portrait sessions since 1998 and look forward to another 400+! I mostly limit myself to one wedding per weekend and accept about 15 weddings/large events and 15 portraits per year.

Are you insured?

My business is fully insured and incorporated.

Do you use an assistant or a second shooter?

A happy and hard working assistant is at every wedding and large event I photograph. However, if the guest count is 50 or less, I may shoot solo depending on logistics. The option for a second shooter is always available and recommended for weddings with 250 or more guests.

How many cameras do you bring to a wedding or large event?

I have 2 cameras physically on my person most of the time; my assistant has another 1-2 on him/her ready to feed me (we trade cameras throughout the day); there are another 1-2 cameras in the camera bag; and another 1-2 cameras in the car. Altogether, I have 5-7 cameras at every wedding or large event I photograph. So if a camera malfunctions, no worries. In addition, each camera is literally a unique set of “eyes” since each camera “sees” in a different way, be it via the focal length of the attached lens, the format (square vs rectangular, etc), how I'm using it (high speed with no flash vs. low speed with flash), etc.

Do you use Digital or Film?

I use both professional digital and film cameras (80-90% digital). The digital cameras are all Nikon D4's and D800; the film cameras are all Hasselblad. My Hasselblad 500C’s provide a 2¼x2¼ inch square shape negative; my Hasselblad X-Pan II provides a true panoramic negative (24x65mm). These particular film cameras provide incredible detail in the photos because of the mechanics of the cameras, the size of the negatives and the Carl Zeiss glass. All film is professionally scanned.

Do you back up your files?

Yes. To start, all of my digital cameras include dual slots. So everything is automatically saved on two cards as I shoot (both RAW). All files are then stored on the main hard drive and backed up via cloud service and on external hard drive. In addition, the original cards are not reformatted until safety is ensured. So within 24 hours of your wedding, event or portrait session, the files are stored in five different places (only two of which are in the same geographic location in case of fire or theft).

Will we receive high resolution files of our wedding photos?

Yes. You have the option to purchase coverage (includes high-res files 2-6 weeks after your wedding date) or collections (includes high resolution files with your wedding album). Please request a brochure for details.

How many pictures will we receive with our wedding or event photography and what is the time-frame?

I guarantee a minimum of 75 unique photos per each hour of coverage for all wedding and event photography (often closer to 100 per hour). My priority is quality over quantity; that said, I am like a kid in a candy store when photographing a wedding or event, so I cover a lot of ground. Prior to receiving your photos, I will have highlighted my favorites and omitted the “bad” images. Prints and a USB of the digital files will be delivered 2-6 weeks after your wedding date.

How will our friends and family be able to view our photos?

A password-protected web page and gallery is provided 1-3 weeks after your wedding, event or portrait date. Your friends and family will be able to view, share and purchase photos directly from your gallery, which is mobile friendly and easy to navigate.

How do you feel about wedding or event guests with cameras?

Snap away! As long as you don’t use my head as a tripod while I’m kneeling for a shot (yes – that happened). That said, I do have one suggestion, which is to have an Unplugged Ceremony (no cell phone or camera photos). Obstacles include avoiding the "hands-in-the-air" as we attempt a wide-angle during your ceremony or people stepping into the aisle for their phone shot. This is not a request, but a suggestion, so that I may get better photos for you during your ceremony.

Should we take family pictures at our wedding or event? How do we plan them?

Personally I love family photographs. How many times in our life do we have the people we love most in the world all together on such an awesome occasion? That said, your wedding day is about the DAY – not about taking you away from it. So we will plan together how to achieve a generous array of family photos, with a relaxed and enjoyable approach, within a fair amount of time, so you can enjoy the company of your guests.

What is your travel radius?

I am happy to drive or fly anywhere locally, nationally or internationally. No travel or hotel fee is required for any wedding or event within 90 miles of Pawtucket, RI or 60 miles of Boston, MA or 60 miles of Bedford, NY.

Can we meet to see samples of your work?

Yes – and I recommend it. I have a variety of sample wedding albums, each showing a complete wedding from beginning to end, as well as individual custom framed pieces, matted prints, etc. so you can see all of your options. I do believe it is important to view everything in person so you can truly see the quality of the prints, the album materials (including the quality of the binding itself), etc. It’s not just how it looks – it’s also how it feels – and that is a hard thing to measure from seeing a photo online. Equally important, it is great to meet in person just so you can get to know me better. We will (hopefully!) have a long and very positive working relationship, so it’s important that you feel comfortable with me. Although I suggest meeting in my studio so you can see all of the presentation options, I am available via Skype. I am happy to meet at your home or at a cafe if that is more convenient for you, (keep in mind that samples are limited for off-site meetings).

How do we book you?

A signed agreement and deposit of 33% of the estimated collection choice is required to reserve your date (this deposit is non-refundable). Although having an idea of your wedding or event schedule is helpful, I do not need to know the details at this stage, as some do reserve my services prior to creating the official schedule of events. So whether your coverage winds up being 5 hours or 14 hours (yes, I’ve done that!), I’m all yours.