I continue to be immensely touched by the words of my clients, colleagues, friends and family. These are just a few of my favorite quotes, which I feel proud to have and share.



Both Peter and I find your work to be extremely honest.
— Lisa & Peter, Cumberland, RI
The photos are so beautiful – even better than we had imagined. They capture all of the many emotions of the day so perfectly. They are nervous and solemn and loud and joyous – it’s truly amazing that you really captured all of our feelings.
— Anne & James, Savannah, GA
I look at these pictures and I feel a phenomenal sense of happiness.
— Justine & "Boo," Brooklyn, NY
…You win the “make my dad cry award” for the year - which means he was really touched by your work (it’s a good award to win).
— Meg & Randy, Minneapolis, MN
Able to take the perfect shot on a whim like batman.... You are a photo ninja!
— Guest at wedding
Your pictures truly capture the essence of a particular time in the history of a person’s life and they do so with such thoughtfulness, honesty, and joy.
— Jamie & Jason, Newport, RI
We knew we liked you from the moment we met you and were instantly impressed by the beauty of your photography. We had high expectations and can’t tell you how pleased we are. We love, love, love our wedding pictures and laughed and cried as we looked through them, a true testament to the quality of your work! You photographed our day with such accurate beauty and captured our family and friends with classic expressions that just bring our day back to life.
— Nicole & Brian, Montclair, NJ
You really captured so many moments (it’s crazy, I really didn’t realize you were there half the time; you were so stealthy)!
— Katie & Anthony, New York, NY
I love the way you capture a natural picture. You make people feel like you aren’t there.
— Jeannie & Dean, Andover, MA
— Brooke, Rowayton, CT
Tears...every time I see this picture.
— Ann, Norfolk, MA
The photographs are beautiful, timeless and the quality is amazing.
— Dawn, Arlington, MA
You have such a beautiful eye for detail and framing and timing.
— Liz & Blake, New York, NY
You catch the kind of moments that last for an eternity in people’s hearts.
— Gretchen & Andy, North Attleboro, MA
I had a most special partnership with Frazier... respectful and calm, creative and wondrous… 22 years married and a few years together beforehand. You captured that in a moment.
— My Aunt Susan


Dana took beautiful photos - she captured the mood of our wedding day and our personalities perfectly. She was very relaxed and playful, not insistent or rigid. She was personable and not at all intrusive; organized and thoughtful but not overbearing. She was an attentive listener and worked with us to address our needs while still allowing her artistry to be at the forefront. Best of all, Dana was fun and such a pleasure to work with! We recommend her highly!
— Manny & Stephanie, Smithfield, RI
Everyone cannot believe how one person managed to cover so much ground and catch the day so perfectly. From the humorous to the sentimental to everything in-between, we really felt like you captured the spirit of our wedding day on film.
— Lindsay & Ryan, New York, NY
You were such a pleasure to work with, put everyone at ease, and from what I hear, you had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. Without seeing one photo, I am so glad I found you and can’t wait to see the photos.
— Renee & Ern, Owings, MD
Your work truly transcends the role of “wedding photographer” on our wedding day – you were also an artist, a scribe, a painter and a sculptress…never rolling moments into stiff or awkward poses, but instead capturing the intrinsic beauty of the day and portraying everything at its best through your lens. You were also a friend and confidante as we moved through the nervous anticipation of the morning into the relaxed, casual fun of the reception. Thanks also for your positive and relaxed attitude. Your professional manner and good nature were a huge help to us throughout the day. You are truly gifted at what you do. I had high expectations, but you far surpassed them!
— Michelle & Mike, Brighton, MA
We were so happy to have you at our wedding. Thank you for being so sweet and for making everyone feel so comfortable. We’ve been to a lot of weddings and believe me, most photographers do not conduct themselves like you!
— Katie & Anthony, New York, NY
I can’t tell you how many of our guests have made a special point of telling us what a great job you did and we whole-heartedly agree. You seemed to be everywhere but were never obtrusive. Congratulations on a perfect job!
— Tina & Edmund, Brooklyn, NY
We searched high and low for the “right” photographer and the instant we sat down with Dana we knew immediately she was “the one.” From her professionalism both in and out of the studio, to the museum-like quality of her work and her care for our needs as individuals, we’re lucky she is based in Rhode Island because lesser photographers in New York or London would be booked solid year round. If I had the ability, I would have every single professional photo I ever need taken by her for the rest of my life. We literally cannot recommend her highly enough. She is worth every penny, and honestly probably more.
— Abbie & Evan, Tampa, FL
You are so incredibly diligent, organized, thoughtful, professional, creative and real. I truly mean that. You made me and Charles feel so comfortable around you and it was just a wonderful experience.
— Brooke & Charles, Rowayton, CT
You are the real deal...
— Bridesmaid at Nicole & Michael’s wedding
To say you went above and beyond at our wedding is an understatement. Thank you for your stupendous efforts - we could not have had a better photographer or experience! Can’t wait to see the photos (and thank you for keeping me sane AND allowing my mother to stab you with a needle during the now infamous “dress debaucle.”
— Kristin & Sean, Wakefield, RI


Thanks for being so nice to my kids. Meghan was so enchanted; she now talks about being a photographer.
— Paula, the flower girl’s mother
You are a happy person who knows how to put life in stunning pictures.
— Emmanuel, Philosophy Professor, Chestnut Hill, MA
Your job is a special one, one that you approach with sensitivity, commitment, passion and love. These characteristics shine in your personality and in your photographs!
— Toni & Hal, New York, NY
Your photographs truly reflect your heart and your genuine love for people.
— Laura, Hope, RI
Thank you so much for your talent and for your wonderful personality – without each the photographs would not be as magnificent.
— Ann & Jonas, Norfolk, MA
It’s definitely not everyday that you find a quality individual like you - truly. And your studio is a reflection of this - something that is beyond just pictures…
— Christina, Providence, RI
…I feel so fortunate to have such a strong woman in charge of this very special piece of my wedding day.
— Marisa & Aaron, Washington, DC
I can’t believe how you were able to keep your calm and sense of humor while trying to wrangle 60 people! We’re so happy to work with you again.
— Carla, Newton, MA
It is so easy to smile for Dana! She truly brings out the happy in you.
— Isabel, Warwick, RI


You capture feelings – you don’t take pictures. You’re just ‘In There!’
— Polly, mother of the groom
By the way, I don’t usually kiss the photographer, but I was so excited by the party and your energy, I didn’t know how else to express it. You gave me comfort knowing you were doing a good job.
— Jan, mother of the Bar Mitzvah boy
I so enjoyed having you as the photographer for the wedding!! You were a wonderful calming influence and seemed to traverse from one venue to the next seamlessly! Thank you so much for being a part of Jane and Mike’s Day.
— Kathy, mother of the bride
As parents of the Bride, we feel very confident and assured that we selected the finest photographer in New England for our daughter’s wedding!
— Mary, mother of the bride
It’s exquisite…clearly, clearly wonderful, professional workmanship.
— Sharon & Gordon, parents of the bride
Thank you for being a part of it, and such a big part! The photos of Rachel and Arthur’s wedding are as wonderful and lovely as Eliza & Erik’s photos, yet very different. Which is a compliment to you. You’ve accurately captured what is remarkable and characteristic of each couple. We’ll be thinking of you, Dana, in all these years to come. Every time we look at these photos, we’ll think of you.
— Amy, mother of two brides
Mike and I loved so many of the photos of Danielle. We saw the adorable little girl that was and the beautiful young woman she has become.
— Julie, mother of the bride


You’re like a best-kept secret.
— Gerard Tomko, Photographer
Your photos really blew me away. I am a former Associated Press news photo editor, so I’ve seen a lot of photos. You really figured it out.
— Terry Meyer, RI Blueways
You are truly one of the best! And I’ve seen and met a lot of photographers throughout my career in bridal marketing. You are in the top 5!
— Lisa Berenhaus London, North Jersey Media Group
Your pictures are very personal, just as you are – personal and personable. You’re a real person. Don’t ever change that.
— Jack Malcolm, J&M Video Productions
Her work is unsurpassed by any in the industry.
— Donna Souza, Makeover Artistry
Her framed photos grace not only our tabletops 10 years later, but also the table tops of family and friends all over the country who, like me, love her work and are thankful for the memories she has enshrined in our hearts.
— Gretchen Elmendorf, Interfaith Minister (wedding client)
You have the “WOW” factor when it comes to photography…
— Beverly Ann Bonner, Master Bridal Consultant
Everyone said I’d never look at my wedding album but clearly they didn’t have Dana as their photographer! Dana captured the spirit of my wedding in the most genuine and authentic way.
— Alexa, Blossom Partners Event Design (wedding client)
Your work is simply breathtaking. Each picture captures such love and truth.
— Mikaela & Jim, owners of Crazy Chefs (wedding client)
Dana is a phenomenal photographer and was the photographer for my wedding. She is in a league of her own. It has been almost 12 years, and those photos do more than catch a scene, they capture the essence of that day, and make it possible for us to be transported back in an instant. She is a consummate professional, a joy to work with, and a talent without bounds.
— Amy, Hippie Chick Bakery (wedding client)
Dana’s photography is magic. She loves her clients, and that love shows through in her work. It’s a treat to work with Dana - her ease of presence, effortless professionalism and gorgeous photos make her one of the best!
— Naomi Raiselle, Generations CinemaStories
Dana is a phenomenal photographer and vendor. She is one of our favorite wedding people to work with! Not only is her work amazingly artistic, but her personality blows other people out of the water. You will not be disappointed with Dana and her team.
— Plantation Catering of Newport
An amazing, sensitive, creative, passionate and caring human being! A true artist & professional whose work I respect immensely, Dana captures that moment in time to be cherished forever!
— Raffi Kebabjian, DJ Raffi
You truly have a special talent.
— Rhonda English, Wedding Coordinator, Hotel Providence
You are a tremendous photographer and special friend of mine, and your heart is as big as the state of Texas!!!
— Bo Winiker, Winiker Orchestras
I am velcroed to your spirit! You galvanize the very best in people.
— Faxon Green Floral Design
Thank you for all you do in making this world a better place. You are fabulous.
— Larry Green, President, Rentals Unlimited


Thinking of our wedding pictures just warms my heart. Our album is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen – you are truly an artist, Dana. Thank you again for capturing our day so faithfully.
— Elizabeth & Adam, Bozeman, MT
“Wow!” is all I can come up with. This album took my breath away. It is even more beautiful than I imagined…
— Heather & Alexi, New York, NY
I have to tell you that I literally gasped when I turned many of the pages… Both of us were in tears before reaching the end of our book. In fact, we immediately turned back to the front and looked through it again. I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve looked through our album since. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Tina & Edmund, Brooklyn, NY
I’m in love with my wedding album.
— Brooke & Joseph, Kingston, MA


4... My grandfather, Papou, passed away a few weeks ago. Your pictures of him from the wedding were the most poignant depictions of his character and spirit and they have been so comforting to my family and I. Dana, I am so happy you were able to capture my Papou in his truest light.
— Christina, Providence, RI
6... Dana really took the time to listen, explain options and personalize both pre-and-post. I had the feeling she took our day as seriously as she would her own wedding. When it came to our album, she was prepared with opinions, observations and ideas, but not at all intrusive in her direction. We loved the finished product and now 6 years later as we are expecting our first child I am busy scheming ways to get her involved with baby photos!
— Shannon & Stephen, Harvard, MA
7... If anything were to happen to my house - I would first get the kids and the dogs, and then my wedding album. That’s how much I love about what she captured on our day - which was 7 years ago - and I still feel this way.
— Melissa, Berkeley Heights, NJ
9... Dearest Dana, it is hard to believe that nine years has passed by... as Jon and I celebrate our anniversary and look at our most lovely photographs, we want to thank you for working so hard to capture the heartfelt moments of our day. You were on your toes, getting every moment that still evokes such wonderful memories for us. Your photography transports us back to that hot, steamy day on June 26, 1999 as if it were in the present moment.
— Laurie & Jon, Wakefield, RI
10... Your talent adorns our walls and hearts.
— Alice & Audoen, Barrington, RI
13... You’re still a star in our eyes.
— Laurie & Jeff, Salem, MA

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