I am proud to be Community Service Chair for the Boston Chapter for National Association of Catering & Events. In 2011 I co-founded and continue to co-lead Feeding Our Neighbors with colleague and friend Naomi Raiselle of Generations CinemaStories. FON is an initiative to educate event professionals and our clients about the law, logistics and tax benefits related to donating surplus fresh and prepared food. 

I strongly encourage my clients, colleagues and anyone hosting an event to participate. Donors and recipients are protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, a federal law passed by President Clinton in 1996 protecting all "Good Faith" donors from civil and criminal liability when donating "Apparently Wholesome" food. My definition: if I would feed it to my niece or nephews, then it's eligible for donation.

Below is a video of me educating local event professionals about food donation and the Emerson Act.



FON co-leader Naomi Raiselle, Tasha Bracken of SD Events and myself during a food pickup at the home of Ernie Boch Jr.