April 26, 2017 Boston Event

Culinary Fight Club

Culinary Fight Club


Hello CFC Crew,

Great to work with you all at the Culinary Fight Club Boston event. Above is a link to all of the photos. 
Please see important info below and reach out anytime if I can be of assistance. Enjoy!

Dana Siles Photographer


1. These photos are "rough drafts." Your selections will be edited further with attention to detail (color and density corrections, burning/dodging if needed, creative effects, etc.)

2. All photos are available in color or b/w. 

3. Please Favorite up to 10 or 15 photos that you need immediately. I will edit these and provide by Friday, 4/28.

4. Need more photos? Please create a separate Favorites List and title it "more." I will provide these for ASAP but please understand that I will not be back at my computer until 5/12 or 5/15. Kindly limit your selections to 20 additional photos.

5. If there are some photos that you want for personal use ("snapshots/fun") and don't need to be edited, create a separate list and I'll try to get these to you faster. Please be selective (10-15ish). You will get photos as is, for your personal use - not to be used for official use and no photo credit would be needed.