Together we will decide how best to capture the essence of you and/or your loved one(s). My goal is to learn about the nature of your photo session and your needs in order to provide a mutually seamless experience. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you!

If applicable
If we have not yet scheduled your Session: please list 3-5 dates/times that are ideal for you, in order of preference. One will be used as backup date.
If you have infants or young children, what times of the day would you say is best for their feeding & sleeping schedules? When possible, I do opt for either early morning or late day settings, when the sun is off to the side. Based on the schedules of your child/children and the location, we will collaborate for the best possible experience!
Together we will choose a setting that represents you, your family and/or your children during this chapter of your life or career, and which offers room for creativity and spontaneity. For family/children’s portraits, I recommend your home, so that in years following you and/or your children may connect the memory of the pictures to the memory of your current surroundings. Additional options: a park or beach that is significant to you or your family; a place that represents a family or individual hobby (ski slope, golf course, zoo, etc.).
Please note anything that Dana should be sensitive to or special needs.
I'd love to know more about each of you individually and as a couple and/or family. Nothing fancy - write whatever comes to mind! Select info may be shared if your portrait photographs are later published in print and/or web publications, but if there is anything you'd like to share with me and have kept between us, just include in a separate paragraph, note PRIVATE and I will be sure to honor your privacy.